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What is the best type of exercise for back pain...?

We often get asked as osteopaths, exercise physiologists and massage therapists a here at Necessity Health "What is the best exercise for my back?", whether its to alleviate back pain or to try and prevent future episodes or re-injury.

Recent research has in fact shown that ALL exercise types are effective at reducing back pain and improving function compared to doing nothing. Stretching can be a really good way of improving function, however, exercises focused on strength and functional restoration are more effective when looking at treatment and prevention of back pain; with a higher dosage of exerciser resulting in a greater improvement - the old saying "use it or loose it" rings true!

We encourage our patients to keep physically active in any way they enjoy! However, if you need some guidance on what might work well for you then one of our team are always happy to help! We love using our in-house gym to get our patients moving well and feeling great!

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