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Necessity Health

Move well, feel great!

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At Necessity Health

we care

Necessity Health is a multidisciplinary allied health practice that offers a wide range of services for treatment of a long list of problems. The fundamental approach to any of these problems is detailed assessment and diagnosis, thorough treatment and education for long-term self-management. This means that we thoroughly investigate and determine all the contributing factors for each problem, treatment is detailed and holistic and the person presenting with the problem is given the tools to manage the problem themselves as much as possible. 

Additional services and Health Fund Rebates available

Our story

we're just getting started!

Necessity Health was founded in 2009 by Dr Adam Pitt (Osteopath). It started as a room that was rented from a medical practice It progressed to an old house on the highway and 5 years ago became some of what you see today. Today we have 3 sites for Necessity Health and Necessity Kids, offering over 10 allied health services with over 45 staff. We pride ourselves on having an amazing caring team who work collaboratively to help people and families in our local community for a huge range of problems. We are blessed to have some of the countries leading practitioners in their chosen areas. We are innovative, welcoming, and we have a strong team culture with core values like team, people and excellence.

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