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Exercise Physiology at Necessity Health

Move well, feel great!
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What is Exercise Physiology?

Our Exercise Physiologists provide a welcoming environment for people of all ages and health levels. We understand that exercise can be daunting and that gyms might not be your thing. That's why we cater for people ranging from severely injured to elite sportsmen looking for optimal performance. We pride ourselves on quality of service and providing each patient with their own individualised program. We offer individual and small group sessions. Small group session numbers are capped so that we can give you full guidance throughout your session. We work closely with our multi-disciplinary team so that we can progress you from passive to active care, for a more self-management approach. Your initial assessment gives us the full picture for us to be able to prescribe the right exercises for you. We want to help you achieve your goals and have you moving better than you have in years!

Treatment for


Weight loss


Post surgical rehabilitation


Diabetes management


Strength & conditioning


Core strength


Postural issues




Motor vehicle accidents

Exercise Physiology

Move well, feel great!

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Paed EP

What is Paediatric Exercise Physiology?

Paediatric Exercise Physiology is a therapy that is specifically designed for children and uses movement to improve health, functional capacities, wellbeing and assist in managing conditions. Exercise Physiologists use best-practice and evidence-based research, when designing and prescribing programs for children. Our program can assist children with a variety of conditions such as (but not limited to); ASD, ADHD, developmental delay and obesity. Children can find being physically active in a group setting daunting and therefore don’t participate in school based sport or external sporting activities.

We take a play-based approach to our sessions and each is designed specifically to work toward the goals of your child. We work closely with everyone involved in the child’s care, including teachers, support workers or other allied health practitioners such as the speech pathologists. Above all, we have fun! You may use your NDIS funding (Self or Plan Managed) to see an Exercise Physiologist, you may be eligible through your GP for a Chronic Disease Management Plan, or you may be eligible for a rebate through your private health fund.



Can assist with

Fine motor skills
Gross motor skills
Social skills
Motor planning
Weight management

Participation in school
Sleep quality
Bone strength
Behaviour regulation
Core strength

Muscle strength
Reduce fatigue
Ability to sit/stand for longer
Anxiety & Depression

EP Booking
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