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Necessity Health's Services


Hands-on Healthcare

Treatment for:

  • Neck pain / Headaches

  • Back pain / Sciatica

  • Sports related problems

  • Pregnancy care

  • Children and babies

  • Joint pain / Arthritis

  • Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)


Osteopathy is a detailed, holistic, hands-on physical therapy for a wide range of conditions. It is a growing profession that is internationally recognised and is a evidence-based and evidence-informed complementary medical practice.

Osteopathic treatment can include soft-tissue massage, stretching, joint articulation, manipulation (if appropriate), exercise therapy and education on ergonomics, posture, exercise, breathing patterns, diet and lifestyle.

Our Osteopaths are all a minimum of 5-year university educated and are all members of Osteopathy Australia (OA).


Exercise Physiology/PT

Treat your body like its the only one you've got

Treatment for:

  • Weight loss

  • Post surgical rehabilitation

  • Diabetes management

  • Strength & conditioning

  • Core strength

  • Postural issues

  • WorkCover

  • Motor vehicle accidents.


Our Exercise Physiologists provide a welcoming environment for people of all ages and health levels. We understand that exercise can be daunting and that gyms might not be your thing. That's why we cater for people ranging from severely injured to elite sportsmen looking for optimal performance. We pride ourselves on quality of service and providing each patient with their own individualised program. We offer individual and small group sessions. Small group session numbers are capped so that we can give you full guidance throughout your session. We work closely with our multi-disciplinary team so that we can progress you from passive to active care, for a more self-management approach. Your initial assessment gives us the full picture for us to be able to prescribe the right exercises for you. We want to help you achieve your goals and have you moving better than you have in years!


Massage Therapy


Treatment for:

- Tight muscles

- Aches & pains

- Headaches

- Lymphedema (swelling)



Remedial massage is a hands-on treatment that can be gentle or strong, deep or shallow for a variety of ailments. Massage Therapists identify biomechanical dysfunction, and work on muscles and other soft tissues to relieve tension and stress in order to promote well-being. Our massage therapists have all obtained a minimum of a Diploma in Remedial Massage, have health fund accreditation and are members of Massage Australia.



Getting back on your feet

Routine care:

- Biomechanical assessments

- Orthotics

- General foot care

- Ingrown nails

- Diabetic management

- Paediatric (children) podiatry


Podiatrists diagnose and treat conditions of the lower limb. We combine Podiatry with Osteo, Exercise Physio and Remedial Massage. The idea is that we want everything functioning right, and working together is the key to making sure that happens.  


Dry Needling

Treating your Trigger points

Method used to treat:

- Back pain & sciatica

- Neck pain & headaches

- Nerve pain


- Bursitis


Evidence-based dry needling therapy involves the application of acupuncture needles in specific tender spots, often referred to as trigger points. Trigger points are points where there are palpable tissue changes 'knots' and hypersensitivity. This method of needling has a local and central neurological affects which make it an effective way of treating acute and chronic pain.

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