Tegan Poppett

Director Exercise Physiologist

Tegan is a four-year university qualified Exercise Physiologist with a Bachelor of Exercise Science and Rehabilitation. Tegan is accredited with ESSA (Exercise and Sports Science Australia). Tegan understands it can be daunting starting an exercise program, or stepping foot into a gym. That’s why we create a warm, friendly, judgement free environment for people of all ages and health levels to feel comfortable and welcomed. 

“I love being able to help patients achieve their goals. This doesn’t have to mean

running a marathon! It may be as simple as being able to be confident in a gym program or lift grandkids”.


Tegan has over 15 years of clinical experience. In that time she has worked with patients with many different conditions. Tegan is very good at assessing your needs and designing a program specific to you. She prides herself on achieving best clinical outcomes for all of her patients, all the while having a bit of fun and a smile on her face (we know you’ll love her cheeky laugh as much as we do). 


“The thing I love most about helping people with chronic conditions, is that we have lots of alternatives up our sleeves if they are limited by pain, injury or mobility. We tailor the program to YOU. We take into consideration all limitations to help you MOVE SAFELY AND EFFECTIVELY”